17 Dec

Unlimited Pole Classes are Back!

Hey Princess!

We want 2019 to be your biggest transformation on the pole yet! As the owners of Pole Princess studios sat around the Christmas party table this week, we contemplated on how best we could ensure that happens for you this year.

And by George we’ve got it!

We’ve decided we want to make sure you can kick off your first term of classes on the front foot and in order to that, we want to see you in the studio literally ALL-THE-TIME!


(Drum roll please)

We are bringing you the best TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE ever!

When the Term One Timetable gets released this week we will also be introducing a brand-spanking new term package giving you UNLIMITED courses, casual classes AND practice sessions for less than $100 per week!


That’s right! For only $99.62 per week or $797 upfront for the term you will gain access to:

  • UNLIMITED courses*, casuals classes and practice sessions
  • No long term commitment (commit only term by term)
  • Upfront or fortnightly direct debit options
  • Reservoir and Knoxfield Studio pricing is $67.12 per week or $537 upfront

Not sure you can take advantage of that many classes weekly? That’s ok, we’ve thought of you too. Check out our Term One 2019 pricing below for all other packages:

  • One Class Weekly for 8-weeks – $207 ($25.88 per week)
  • Two Classes Weekly for 8-weeks – $397 ($49.63 per week)
  • Three Classes Weekly for 8-weeks – $597 ($74.62 per week)+
  • Three Classes Weekly for 8-weeks Reservoir and Knox Studios – $537 ($67.12 per week)+
  • Casual Class – $27
  • 5 Casual Class Pack with 3 month expiry – $125
  • 10 Casual Class Pack with 6 month expiry – $220
  • 20 Casual Class Pack with 12 month expiry – $400

Ready to get started? Just head on over to your preferred location to view the timetable and book your classes now!

*Applies to levels you have been approved to participate in

+Package includes bonus unlimited practice sessions