01 Sep

Top 5 Reasons to Pole Dance

When talking about fitness and the health benefits of different forms of workouts, you can’t look last pole dancing. Pole dancing has quickly become a very popular form of exercise and even a competitive event. Not only is it a great way to embrace your inner sexiness, but it also has numerous health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. We could talk about the benefits for days but instead, we’ve picked our top 5 reasons to pole dance for you guys so you can high-five yourselves for the awesome things you’re doing for your body right now!


Harsh but true! Most people in the modern world could stand to lose about 10 kilos of fat, so any form of exercise is welcome. However, pole dancing taxes the muscles in the entire body and you are always moving – making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one. Way back in 2008 we ran a weight loss challenge to prove pole dancing is a genuine way to lose weight. The experiment was so successful it was featured on A Current Affair! Finalists of the challenge were told to do 3 pole dancing classes per week and change nothing else about their life. They all lost a minimum of 5 kilos in 8-weeks and the winner lost a whopping 12 kilos! Interested? We’re launching a new challenge soon only for people that are curious but at this stage have not yet tried pole dancing. Register here if you want to know more.


Once you get the basics down and strengthen your muscles a bit, you will quickly begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Being confident isn’t just about your state of mind – you will actually start to walk tall and improve your posture. Your skills on the pole will translate into real life and you will be able to move with the nimbleness and graciousness of a cat.


If a workout feels like a chore and you don’t really see any serious progress or you don’t actually pick up any skills that are applicable in real life, then you will quickly lose motivation. Pole dancing develops a strong body, builds stamina and makes you feel sexy. As your skills improve you will be motivated to work harder. Working out with a group of like-minded women also keeps you motivated as you start to build friendships with people that will cheer you on even through your nemesis pole tricks!


Joint pain is a serious and persistent issue for many people and women in particular have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Developing strong bones and connective tissue, along with increasing joint mobility, helps significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis in women. Since you are not putting huge stress on your joints, as you would if you were running or skipping rope, pole dancing is a very safe form of exercise. Due to the fact that you are constantly strengthening the muscles in your hands by gripping the pole, common repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can also be avoided.


Resting is just as important for a healthy body as working out and eating the right food. Unfortunately not many people get enough sleep and most of the time it’s because they just can’t go to sleep. Regular workouts that tax the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the hay.

The benefits of pole dancing aren’t limited to developing a strong body. It can help you improve your mental and emotional health, prevent injuries and increase mobility, as well as give your social and love life a boost by making you more confident and agile. If you haven’t taken the leap yet, you should definitely give it a try.

We’re looking for 8 women located anywhere in Melbourne to take our next fitness challenge. If you:
• Are curious about pole dancing but are too scared to try – you must never have done a class yet
• Are too scared to wear shorts & that’s what stops you (don’t worry, in this challenge you don’t have to wear them)
• Think you’re not strong enough to even attempt pole dancing

Then we want you! You will need to be able to commit to an 8-week schedule and agree to use using your journey for marketing purposes. If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone, here’s the link to register for more information.

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/10-unexpected-health-benefits-pole-dancing