02 Jul

Term Pass FAQs

A term pass offers you the most flexibility when booking services with Pole Princess. You can choose between courses and casual classes all on the one pass. You also get to decide how often you’d like to attend on a weekly basis and choose between paying upfront for the whole term or splitting your payments into weekly payments to make it a little easier.

So does a Term Pass work?

We have 4 options available for a Term Pass:

There is only one difference between each of them and that is that the higher the pass, the more classes and practice sessions you get!

For example, on a Lifestyle Term Pass, you get access to 3 classes per week and 1 practice session. In total, over the 8 week term you get 24 classes and you can decide if you want to use all of them on courses (in which case, you could get up to 3 x 8-week courses), all on casuals (24 casuals) or a mixture of both (the best mix for results is 2 courses and the rest on casuals). On the other end, our Transformation Term Pass is the only term pass with unlimited classes per term (capped at 80 classes over 8-weeks).

When booking a Term Pass, you need to choose all of your courses first (if any). When you book into a course, you will be automatically booked into the whole 8-weeks and 8 classes will be removed from your pass. You can keep doing this for as many courses as you like until all your classes are used up. If you save some classes to use on casuals, you don’t have to book these right away, you can book them on a weekly basis.

If paying upfront for a Term Pass, you will be issued with all of your classes right away and it will be up to you how you manage them. If you run out of classes before the term ends, you can simply top up with a casual class pass to get you by until the new term starts and you might choose a higher term pass option.

If using our Direct Debit service for your term pass, you will only be issued the weekly amount of classes. You will still be able to book into the entire 8-weeks of any courses you choose, however you will not be able to do more classes in a week than what it allocated on the pass. For example, if you’re on a 3 class per week Term Pass (Lifestyle) and you’re doing two courses, you will only be able to do one other casual class weekly. If you miss a week, you need to organise that class as a “make up” with reception as the pass does not allow roll-on classes.

Please note that makeups are only granted if you have either not booked a class at all and missed that week or if you have early-cancelled out of any classes you couldn’t make. We have a strict 6 hour cancellation policy on all classes so it’s super important that you cancel classes you can’t attend early otherwise they will count as a used class.

So how do you book a Term Pass?

Booking a Term Pass is really easy! Please watch this explainer video for a step by step tutorial on how to book a Term Pass.