19 Jul

Pole dancing rewards program

Earn rewards just for showing up!

When you sign up to any class at Pole Princess, you will automatically be joined to our rewards program where you can start to earn points in a number of ways!

Ways to earn points
1. Points will be earned for any purchase made, including services and apparel, as long as you have an account with us
2. Points are awarded to your account for every time you show up to a class!
3. Points are awarded to your account for every time you refer a friend

How to link your points
When you create an account with MindBody, your rewards program will automatically kick in. Every time you make a purchase, book a class online or refer a friend, points will be accumulated & those points can be used to book into further services or make product purchases. You just need to earn up to $10 worth of points before you can start redeeming and there are no restrictions on what you can redeem the points on! You can also track your points earned through your MindBody account.

How do points accumulate?

*$1 spent is equal to 20.9 points. 1000 points equals $1 worth of redeemable value.

Fine Print
Points not valid for cash back
Points are valid for 365 days from the day you earned them
Points are earned when booking through the MINDBODY® app, but not the Pole Princess app
Points cannot be redeemed through the MINDBODY app or the Pole Princess app
Points cannot be viewed, earned, or redeemed with the Pole Princess app
Clients must have at least 1 point for the CLIENT REWARDS PROGRAM section to appear on their Account Details screen
If a client books a class online, and then late cancels, they will lose the points that they gained from the original booking
Points are earned on all purchases regardless of type of purchase, or during sales or promotions (yes you can earn points when even when you just buy water!)
When referring a friend, you must ask her to use the ‘Referred By’ client feature when she creates an account in order to earn points
If the ‘Referred By’ or ‘Referred’ client type relationship is removed, the points are removed, too
Clients cannot have negative points
Purchases made using rewards points cannot be discounted
If a client doesn’t have enough points to cover the total cost of a purchase when redeeming, she can partially redeem and pay the balance. The balance will earn new rewards points
If a sale generating rewards points is returned, the points earned will also be returned.