15 Aug

Instructor Position Greensborough

Pole Dance Instructor – Pole Princess Greensborough Studio

Have you ever wanted to be part of a company that you know truly changes hundreds of women’s lives every single week? Something you can believe in and feel passionate about?

How would it feel to be able to lead a team of passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic people that get to do what they love to do every time they arrive at work? How would it feel to know you are helping people to kick their fitness goals and increase their confidence?

Do you want to join an empire where what you do is so much more than ‘just a job’?

If this sounds like you, then read on…


Pole Princess is Melbourne’s leading pole dance studio for fitness, having assisted thousands of women (and some men too!) since 2007 in the pursuit of discovering the amazing things their body can do that they never thought ever possible before.

With some of the most experienced and passionate pole dancers in Melbourne, our team is brought together by a fundamental belief that everything we do here is with the intent to drive us closer to our vision – to impact the world with beautiful pole dancers.

This is what inspires and drives us each day to help our students to pursue their fitness goals and take the next steps of their pole dance journey through our tailored pole dance courses and casual classes.

Why our empire exists is as important to us as what we do. Pole Princess is a place where you’ll be driven by purpose in your work and experience a greater sense of fulfillment in achieving your goals than ever before.

We have ambitious goals of changing the traditional beliefs of what pole dancing is and instead make the world see it for the beautiful performance art that it is, and you’ll play a big part in that.

This is not just another job!

When you enter into the Pole Princess family you’ll be part of a culture that is uplifting, fun, committed, rewarding and will challenge you to grow like never before. All these are the reasons why we’ve become the largest pole dance organization in Melbourne in only a few years.

This is your opportunity to make a substantial impact in our growing studios by delivering high quality classes to our students and turning them into high performance superstars!


As a Pole Dance Instructor you will be a natural leader who is responsible for driving our clients towards growth mentally, physically and emotionally. You will play a huge part in their personal development and impact their lives in a way no other sport can.

You are:

  • Passionate about your personal growth and career success
  • A natural leader who thrives on encouraging people to become the best they can be
  • Experienced in leading groups, preferably in the fitness/wellness industry
  • Experienced in pole dancing, preferably an Advanced or high-Intermediate level
  • Capable of creating interesting and achievable choreography
  • Someone who never fails at motivating people to reach their greatness
  • Someone who embraces change and sees the opportunity within it
  • An elite communicator with a professional, fun and inspiring personality
  • Confident in your abilities to recognize clients needs and deliver the results they want
  • Someone who wants more than ‘just a side job’


  • Access to courses and classes at Pole Princess (people pay hundreds of dollars for this monthly!)
  • Surround yourself with a team that are inspiring, fun and infectious to be around
  • A vibrant, fun, and inspiring working environment where you’ll meet so many new people on a daily basis
  • Opportunities for promotion as we grow as we are a franchise system
  • Be part of something that is bigger than you – a movement that you can truly get excited about!

We are looking for a person that not only embraces challenge, but THRIVES on it. We need someone that can lead classes & inspire our clients. If you’re dedicated to whatever you put your mind to, hard working, but enjoy life and you want to be part of something special that changes womens lives every day, then this could be role for you.

Please note this role is for our Greensborough location only but if you are interested in another location of ours, please send through your details to headoffice@poleprincess.com.au as we are always looking for our next super star!


No recruiters please. Email ann@poleprincess.com.au