08 Jun

Help! I’m a Beginner…

After months of indecision, trying to convince friends to come with you, stalking crazy Instagram profiles and agonising over whether you would be able to do anything; you’ve finally taken the plunge and booked yourself into your first ever pole dance class!

Congratulations! Sometimes just making that booking and committing to attend is the hardest step. The anxiety of the unknown makes this even more exhilarating.

So what do you need to know about your first pole dance class? You’ve watched the crazy clips on Instagram and YouTube and suddenly you’re having visions of being made to hang upside down by your pinky toe in your first class!!!! But rest easy, every expert was once a beginner and we won’t be making you do anything crazy first up!

“What do I wear? I don’t want to wear underwear to work out in!”
The simple answer is that you wear what you would normally wear to work out in. The first 15-20mins of the class will be dedicated to a cardio based warm up so active wear is the order of the day. For the pole section of the class we recommend that you wear a pair of shorts, they don’t need to be teeny tiny but just something that you are comfortable in. Ideally having some lower leg and thigh grip will make the tricks a little easier however and if the idea of wearing shorts fills you with dread don’t worry, you’ll still be able to give everything a go – you might just need to grip on tighter with your hands!

“What shoes do I wear? I can barely even walk in heels let alone dance in them!”
Sure most pole dancers wear those gorgeous 7 -inch platform heels and glide effortlessly along the floor, but if you feel like you’ll be more like Bambi on ice then we recommend wearing a pair of heels you’re comfortable in and preferably with a strap. The last thing you want is for your shoe to go flinging off mid-way thru your first spin!

“I have zero upper body strength and am pretty unfit, is pole dancing for me?”
The whole point of pole dancing is to increase your strength, fitness & flexibility! You’ve probably heard it a million times but you don’t need to be great to start, you need to start to be great! And it’s true!
During the cardio based warm up you can take things as you feel comfortable and if you have to stop for whatever reason that’s 100% fine, take a deep breath and when you’re ready jump back into it!
Sure it’s going to be tough and you’ll feel like your arms are as helpful as a cold noodle initially but it’s only your first class. We will give you exercises and progressions and tips of everything so no matter what your starting point you will be able to achieve something! You will learn a couple of pole tricks in your first class that will make you feel like a proper pole dancer in no time. You will also start evaluating every street sign you see to figure out if you’re able to bust out your sweet moves on it. And don’t worry we won’t be making you hang upside down just yet.

“Am I too old to pole dance?”
There is no age limit on who can pole dance. If you feel like you’re capable then you are! Classes are filled with students of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and fitness levels. Pole dancing really is for everyone!

“I have zero dance experience and the coordination of a baby giraffe!”
There is no need to stress! Plenty of people who try pole dancing have no dance experience. During the class we will teach you a mini routine using dance moves and some beginner pole tricks. Everything is broken down and explained so no matter what your experience or coordination you will be able to do everything.

“But I’m not sexy!!”
Who says? What dictates what is sexy? The idea of pole dancing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own body.

So come and join us for some fun classes! We’ll help you navigate your way from being unsure and nervous about pole to loving every minute and your body too!