23 Nov

Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Don’t let your Christmas pressie suck again this year! Pole dancing for fitness makes a bold statement… “I’m sexy, I’m strong, I’m confident, and I’m daring”. Put a pep in your loved ones step this Christmas and make yourself the one responsible for showing them what they’re really made of!

Ordering a Gift Voucher with Pole Princess is super easy! The whole process can be done online and delivered right to your email. No need to worry about your gift getting lost in the mail. And better yet, you can choose the amount you want to spend. Classes start from $35.

Make your loved ones smile this Christmas!

How to order your Gift Voucher:

Decide which location you’d like to purchase the Gift Voucher for. Gift Vouchers are location specific so be sure to select the right one! For a list of locations, see here.

From the link above, click on the BOOK CLASS button in the location of your choice.

Click on ONLINE STORE and then GIFT CARDS in the row below.



Choose a service with the listed amount you can decide your own spend by editing the bottom option.

Fill out all the details and tick yes if you want the recipient to get the card by email – if you tick yes it will ask you the email to send to and what date you’d like it sent. If you don’t tick yes, the card will be emailed to you to print

Choose a pretty pic & click make purchase!

Congratulations! You have now empowered your loved one with the freedom to express themselves <3