26 Nov

Get Started Today!

Getting started with Pole Princess has never been easier. We have flexible direct debit options that allow you to decide how often you’d like to attend classes and only pay for what you’re using. There’s no joining fee’s or long term commitment & you can change your class times on a weekly basis to suit your busy schedule.

As a beginner, you should consider one of the following options to get started:

One Class Weekly – $60 per fortnight
Two Classes Weekly – $107.50 per fortnight
Three Classes Weekly – $150 per fortnight (BONUS practice session weekly with this one)

Ready to book your direct debit? Follow these simple steps to get yourself set up asap:

1. Decide which location you’d like to attend classes
2. Click here to view the location details and then click on book class button in the location of your choice.
3. You will be re-directed to the online store. Once there, look for the Online Store tab and then the Term Passes link underneath


4. From the drop down box, select the fortnightly direct debit you would like
5. Read & agree to the terms then click make purchase
6. If you’re new to Pole Princess you will be prompted to create an account, otherwise you can just login and complete your payment details

Please note that the new term starts on the 15th of January, 2018. When you arrange your direct debit, you will be charged for the first fortnights fee at the time of joining up. This allows you to book your classes in advance and reserve your spot. You will not be charged again until 29/1/2018.

Once your direct debit has been arranged, you are now set to book into classes. Classes can be found on the classes tab on the same page. Forward the date to when your direct debit starts and click sign up next to the classes you want to do.

Pole & Aerial Courses are listed as level with the word course afterwards. When booking these classes it’s important that you tick the area to register for all 8-weeks otherwise you’ll only be booked into the first class. See below as an example.





If you have any problems, please get in touch with your local studio on 1300 276 533.

Congratulations! Your journey of empowerment awaits!

17 Jul

How to Create the Perfect Video Entry

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

It is that crazy time of the year, it is competition season and I have to admit, it is killing me watching all of the deadlines for video entry knowing that I cannot compete this year. So, I thought I would turn my mind to a few things that might help some of you who are looking to compete, but have never been through the process of actually entering before. It can be quite daunting, knowing that someone out there will be judging you on an audition tape and ultimately making the decision as to whether you compete or not; and around the studio I have heard lots of you talking about entering but not really knowing where to start. Here are a few tips on entering and making your first audition video that might make this process a little less scary.
Continue reading How to Create the Perfect Video Entry

23 Jun

What’s the Rush Princess?

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

I am so excited for the new season that has begun and for my role as Body Mechanics Expert here at Pole Princess. For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, here is a little bit about me which will explain what has lead me to write this first blog.

I have been poling for 5 years, instructing at Pole Princess for the last two and I have been competing in doubles and representing Pole Princess for the last 3 years. My strength in pole is definitely my upper body. I am fortunate to have a body type that easily builds muscle and I love anything strength based. My achilles in pole….flexibility…. Continue reading What’s the Rush Princess?