24 May

Mischief 2018

Pole Princess is excited to announce that Mischief 2018! Saturday 25th of August @ the Eureka Hotel, Richmond.

Mischief is a Student Pole Dancing Competition that allows current Pole Princess students to choreograph their own routine to their own song and compete for a range of fantastic prizes and prestigious titles.

Since it’s inception in 2006, Pole Princess has grown to be one of Australia’s most successful and diverse pole dancing and fitness franchises, utilising the concept of a boutique style health and fitness studio with an emphasis on performance art that provides a fun, friendly, motivating, supportive and caring environment where everyone is treated like a ‘superstar’ in their own right.

This year we are holding our MISCHIEF event at The Eureka Hotel, on Saturday 25th of August, 2018. Students will be competing for one of the following titles:

Miss Vixen Princess (Beginners)
Miss Honey Princess (Intermediate)
Miss Foxy Princess (Advanced)
Miss Queen of Pole (Elite)
Doubles Princess (Duo Pole)
Miss Dirty Princess (Floor Work)

Entry Details
If you’ve ever wanted to show off your pole skills in front of an audience then this could be the opportunity for you. Now is the time to apply!


Entry Requirements
Please send ONE email with all the following information completed within the same email. Incomplete entries will not be considered

  • Fill in the entry form – one per category you wish to enter. Both members of a doubles team need to fill out one form each. Click here to get the entry form.
  • Enclose a photo of yourself in a pole trick or pose. If doubles, the photo must be one photo of the both of you together.
  • Pay the entry fee via the bank details listed on the form. Entry fee is one fee per category you are entering. Doubles team only need to submit one payment as the payment is per video entry, not per person
  • Prepare a maximum 3 minute max video entry of your planned show.
  • Email your payment receipt, the application form, your photo & video entry via an unlisted youtube or vimeo link to headoffice@poleprincess.com.au by the deadline. Make sure your link is UNLISTED not PRIVATE as we won’t be able to open private videos. If you password protect it, be sure to include the password along with the link in your entry email.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 5pm Friday 6th of July, 2018

07 Aug

Blog for Rewards!

Want to earn $50 worth of rewards points?

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Record yourself answering the following 3 questions:
a. How did you feel about pole dancing before you actually booked your first class?
b. What was your first class experience like & how did you feel afterwards?
c. What is it about Pole Princess that keeps you coming back?
2. Record a short 60 second clip of yourself in any of our classes. You are welcome to submit yourself in a mixture of classes or just doing one class for the whole 60 seconds, it’s up to you!
3. Email your recordings (you can put them on an unlisted link in YouTube or Vimeo if you like) to us.

If we use your clips in any of our marketing material, we will reward you with 50,000 points which is equal to $50 redeemable on any products or services at the studio you submit your video to! It’s that easy!

So how do you make sure your content gets chosen? 

At Pole Princess, we’re pretty picky about what we use to promote our services, so here’s some tips:
+ Whatever device you use to record yourself, make sure you are filming in landscape (so if from a phone, turn your phone to the side)
+ When speaking, you can film from anywhere but make sure you can be clearly heard and there’s no background noise
+ Make sure your camera is in focus
+ Be creative & happy!
+ You don’t have to edit your material, raw material and multiple links are totally fine!

Ready to submit?

Just send us unlisted links to any footage you’d like to submit. If it fits our promo at any time, we will contact you to let you know we’re using it and your account will be credited as a show of appreciation!

When you’re ready to submit, just hit reply to send your info!

*Please note: this promo is for use in any of our paid promotional material (e.g. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Marketing etc). Re-posting students material is not part of our paid marketing.

17 Jul

How to Create the Perfect Video Entry

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

It is that crazy time of the year, it is competition season and I have to admit, it is killing me watching all of the deadlines for video entry knowing that I cannot compete this year. So, I thought I would turn my mind to a few things that might help some of you who are looking to compete, but have never been through the process of actually entering before. It can be quite daunting, knowing that someone out there will be judging you on an audition tape and ultimately making the decision as to whether you compete or not; and around the studio I have heard lots of you talking about entering but not really knowing where to start. Here are a few tips on entering and making your first audition video that might make this process a little less scary.
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