05 Aug

Which Course is For Me

Whether you’re brand new to pole dancing or a seasoned expert, knowing what level is right for you when trying out a new studio can be really confusing! Below you will find a description of all our 8-week courses with some universal tricks names so that you can match up your skills!

When transferring from another studio to Pole Princess, you will need to make contact with the studio if you’re trying to book into any course above Level One. Our courses are pre-requisited to make sure our students don’t accidentally enrol in a course that’s too high a skill set for them. A quick call or email will help us slot you into the right level so that you can then book online. Continue reading Which Course is For Me

04 Aug

Pole Dance Instructor Position

Pole Dance Instructor – Pole Princess Hawthorn & Mt Waverley Studio

Have you ever wanted to be part of a company that you know truly changes hundreds of women’s lives every single week? Something you can believe in and feel passionate about?

How would it feel to be able to lead a team of passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic people that get to do what they love to do every time they arrive at work? How would it feel to know you are helping people to kick their fitness goals and increase their confidence?

Do you want to join an empire where what you do is so much more than ‘just a job’?

If this sounds like you, then read on… Continue reading Pole Dance Instructor Position

Pole Dancing Muscles

Pole dancing isn’t the taboo activity it used to be. The strength-training nature of it has gained attention among physical fitness experts. Some people even have poles installed in their home. Pole dancing works most of your body’s muscles while burning calories and building coordination. Talk to your doctor before beginning a pole dancing routine.


Any moves that require balance challenge your core muscles, making pole dancing ideal in this regard. Many of the exercises involve being upside down, which also works your abdominal muscles. Pole dancing moves also provide resistance to your stomach area, enhancing the benefits. Most choices are beneficial for your core, but spinners, chairs, floaters, inverts and ab pullups are good options. Continue reading Pole Dancing Muscles

19 Jul

Pole dancing rewards program

Earn rewards just for showing up!

When you sign up to any class at Pole Princess, you will automatically be joined to our rewards program where you can start to earn points in a number of ways!

Ways to earn points
1. Points will be earned for any purchase made, including services and apparel, as long as you have an account with us
2. Points are awarded to your account for every time you show up to a class!
3. Points are awarded to your account for every time you refer a friend
Continue reading Pole dancing rewards program

17 Jul

How to Create the Perfect Video Entry

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

It is that crazy time of the year, it is competition season and I have to admit, it is killing me watching all of the deadlines for video entry knowing that I cannot compete this year. So, I thought I would turn my mind to a few things that might help some of you who are looking to compete, but have never been through the process of actually entering before. It can be quite daunting, knowing that someone out there will be judging you on an audition tape and ultimately making the decision as to whether you compete or not; and around the studio I have heard lots of you talking about entering but not really knowing where to start. Here are a few tips on entering and making your first audition video that might make this process a little less scary.
Continue reading How to Create the Perfect Video Entry

02 Jul

Term Pass FAQs

A term pass offers you the most flexibility when booking services with Pole Princess. You can choose between courses and casual classes all on the one pass. You also get to decide how often you’d like to attend on a weekly basis and choose between paying upfront for the whole term or splitting your payments into weekly payments to make it a little easier.

So does a Term Pass work?

Continue reading Term Pass FAQs

23 Jun

What’s the Rush Princess?

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

I am so excited for the new season that has begun and for my role as Body Mechanics Expert here at Pole Princess. For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, here is a little bit about me which will explain what has lead me to write this first blog.

I have been poling for 5 years, instructing at Pole Princess for the last two and I have been competing in doubles and representing Pole Princess for the last 3 years. My strength in pole is definitely my upper body. I am fortunate to have a body type that easily builds muscle and I love anything strength based. My achilles in pole….flexibility…. Continue reading What’s the Rush Princess?

08 Jun

Help! I’m a Beginner…

After months of indecision, trying to convince friends to come with you, stalking crazy Instagram profiles and agonising over whether you would be able to do anything; you’ve finally taken the plunge and booked yourself into your first ever pole dance class!

Congratulations! Sometimes just making that booking and committing to attend is the hardest step. The anxiety of the unknown makes this even more exhilarating.

So what do you need to know about your first pole dance class? You’ve watched the crazy clips on Instagram and YouTube and suddenly you’re having visions of being made to hang upside down by your pinky toe in your first class!!!! But rest easy, every expert was once a beginner and we won’t be making you do anything crazy first up! Continue reading Help! I’m a Beginner…

03 May

10 Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is very important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. Incorporating stretching into your daily workouts is a given but including it in your day routine is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise. It relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of stretching:
Continue reading 10 Benefits of Stretching

02 May

Fitness Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has many benefits, from expanding our social circles to improving our confidence, but one of the central benefits of pole is the fitness benefits.

Through pole dancing you can firm and tone during a whole body workout. Gain strength – holding yourself up on a pole, let alone doing tricks is no cakewalk. Seasoned athletes who work out with weight machines and free weights struggle to match the strength our ladies have simply from doing pole.

Pole improves balance and coordination skills. Holding yourself up on the pole, inverted tricks and doing everything on 6” plus platform heels mean that your balance and ability to coordinate your movements improves as well as if you were attending yoga.

The best part of pole classes is that it is a fun way to get fit, classes are enjoyable so they feel less like a workout and more like a fun social group where getting fit is a bonus. Calories are burnt and weight loss is a great side effect of classes but without the terrifying weigh-ins and expectations that other fitness classes may expect when you join up.

But pole doesn’t just work out your body, through the entire class your brain is also engaged, thinking of music, movements, balance and muscle coordination. All of this requires a level of engagement that many of us lack in other repetitive classes where we end up zoning out and going through the motions. The active cognitive engagement coupled with the physical demands of pole mean that even more calories are burnt than if you went to a Body Pump class.

There are a range of classes to match all fitness goals at Pole Princess studios including fitness, flexibility, dance and pole based classes so whatever your fitness goals we should have something to suit your needs.