23 Jun

What’s the Rush Princess?

By Miranda Hardenberg
Body Mechanics Expert

I am so excited for the new season that has begun and for my role as Body Mechanics Expert here at Pole Princess. For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, here is a little bit about me which will explain what has lead me to write this first blog.

I have been poling for 5 years, instructing at Pole Princess for the last two and I have been competing in doubles and representing Pole Princess for the last 3 years. My strength in pole is definitely my upper body. I am fortunate to have a body type that easily builds muscle and I love anything strength based. My achilles in pole….flexibility…. While I am now considered flexible, this is something I have had to train extensively; after all I used to be referred to as the letter “i” (I swear I was bending). I love the human body and understanding the amazing things it can do. I will always ask how and why when it comes to learning and for those I have taught, sometimes they feel like they are in an anatomy and physiology lesson. But I am passionate about teaching students how their bodies work. This to me is fundamental in achieving perfect technique and more importantly keeping ourselves safe in our sport.

I am about to take a break from physically instructing and the competition scene for the year; I am currently working on growing a little human. This is an awesome time in my life, but how does this lead me back to pole? Because for the past 15 weeks I have had to really listen to my body and pay particular attention to my safety; after all, it is not just about me any more! Today I want to talk to you all about understanding your own bodies, to be able to safely achieve your goals.

As a student I was always in awe of the senior students above me. I remember waiting for my class to start and hoping the doors to the senior level classes would be left ajar. I would then enter my class and while working on a momentum turn, would be dreaming of flying like the girls I had just seen. Surely it can’t be that hard…. As my journey continued I mustered up the courage to use the practice rooms outside of my class times and found myself so often sitting there watching others achieving my dreams. The temptation to do what these girls were doing was insane. I wasn’t bound by the rules of my “structured course”, I was free to practice wasn’t I? But what stopped me from trying all of these amazing things?

If I am honest I would probably say that initially it was my ultimate fear of failing in front of other people. So I continued to perfect my momentum turns and quashed my inner desire to fly. The other reason I didn’t try these tricks I had never heard of before was the risk assessment…. My life outside of dance has been a long career of picking up the pieces when people have miscalculated the risks and I am all too aware of the consequences that this may lead to. I knew at the time that I was unusually strong for my level, but I also understood that the curriculum had been specifically designed in a way to safely develop the correct technique to execute tricks in the right order. To have strength is one thing, but without technique it is useless.

I have spent a lot of time lately watching students, reading endless posts and observing practice sessions. I love the enthusiasm of the Pole Princess students and the dedication so many of you have to continuously practice and improve. But I also want to highlight one of my greatest fears; and this is that so often I see students doing tricks their bodies just aren’t ready for, or I see them incorrectly entering tricks. As much as I love social media, as we all do, I think this is one of the biggest contributors to this issue. There is nothing more inspiring than watching our pole idols smash out an epic combo, but how many of us probably try things we are not ready for because of this? Guilty as charged…

As I mentioned earlier, the curriculum is designed to build strength and technique in a very calculated and well thought out way. The tricks are chosen for each level specifically for this reason. As frustrating as it may seem sometimes, we need to understand the order of the curriculum and how our bodies work and develop to help avoid unnecessary injuries. So, how can we as instructors help you with this?

1. Ask us lots of questions. If you want to know how to train specific areas, we will be able to give you drills to do that will assist. If we cannot answer your question on the spot, we have the skills and knowledge in our Pole Princess Expert Team to find out and get back to you. To join the group and speak directly to the Experts, just search for ‘Pole Princess Club’ group on FB (linked here) and send a request to join.
2. If you EVER feel pain when executing a trick, stop and inform us immediately. Tricks should not hurt. Yes, sometimes you will feel some burning if a trick hits a fresh spot on your skin, but pain through the muscles and bones means that you are either executing the trick with incorrect technique or there may be another reason your body is not able to do it. We will always try to offer you an alternative, be it a different grip, entry, or a similar shape to keep you safe. For me I physically cannot execute the “Star” because I have extra ribs (yep….). When I do this trick the pain in those ribs is not normal. I can definitely teach you how to do it, but I have learnt to make the shape in a way that keeps me safe and I am ok with this.
3. If you are going to use the practice rooms and work on different tricks or combinations, run them by an instructor that knows you first. If they are outside of the syllabus, we will be completely honest with you about whether you are ready. We will also be able to offer suggestions for alternatives that are safe for you at your current level. You would be surprised at the number of ways shapes can be made. (I think I am almost an expert at faking flexibility!)
4. If you attend other studios and there are discrepancies in the way tricks are taught, do not be afraid to question this. It is your right and ultimately your responsibility to keep yourself free of injury. I have met lots of students with shoulder injuries from trying handsprings with their bodies too high and far too much strain being unnecessarily put through their shoulders. These injuries take a long time to recover from and who wants to take time off from their favourite sport because of injury?
5. Finally, listen to your body. Only you can feel when things aren’t right. Give your body time to recover. Pole is considered in many ways an “extreme” sport based on the energy it uses and the amount of muscles worked in a single session. It’s why we love it, right?
If you have any questions at all about safety and keeping yourself safe in pole, or any of the information covered today I would love to chat to you, as would the rest of the Pole Princess team. If you have any requests for things you would like to hear about in the area of Body Mechanics, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time team, stay safe

10 Jun

Mischief 2017

Pole Princess is excited to announce that Mischief 2017! Friday 25th of August @ the Eureka Hotel, Richmond.

Mischief is a Student Pole Dancing Competition that allows current Pole Princess students to choreograph their own routine to their own song and compete for a range of fantastic prizes and prestigious titles.

Since it’s inception in 2006, Pole Princess has grown to be one of Australia’s most successful and diverse pole dancing and fitness franchises, utilising the concept of a boutique style health and fitness studio with an emphasis on performance art that provides a fun, friendly, motivating, supportive and caring environment where everyone is treated like a ‘superstar’ in their own right.

This year we are holding our MISCHIEF event at The Eureka Hotel, on Friday 25th of August, 2017. Students will be competing for one of the following titles:

Miss Vixen Princess (Beginners)
Miss Honey Princess (Intermediate)
Miss Foxy Princess (Advanced)
Miss Queen of Pole (Elite)
Doubles Princess (Duo Pole)
Miss Dirty Princess (Floor Work)

Entry Details
If you’ve ever wanted to show off your pole skills in front of an audience then this could be the opportunity for you. Now is the time to apply!


Entry Requirements
Please send ONE email with all the following information completed within the same email. Incomplete entries will not be considered

  • Fill in the entry form – one per category you wish to enter. Both members of a doubles team need to fill out one form each. Click here to get the entry form.
  • Enclose a photo of yourself in a pole trick or pose. If doubles, the photo must be one photo of the both of you together.
  • Pay the entry fee via the PayPal link here. Entry fee is one fee per category you are entering. Doubles team only need to submit one payment as the payment is per video entry, not per person
  • Prepare a maximum 3 minute max video entry of your planned show.
  • After paying the entry fee, email the application form, your photo & video entry via an unlisted youtube or vimeo link to by the deadline. Make sure your link is UNLISTED not PRIVATE as we won’t be able to open private videos. If you password protect it, be sure to include the password along with the link in your entry email.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 5pm Friday 21st of July, 2017

08 Jun

Help! I’m a Beginner…

After months of indecision, trying to convince friends to come with you, stalking crazy Instagram profiles and agonising over whether you would be able to do anything; you’ve finally taken the plunge and booked yourself into your first ever pole dance class!

Congratulations! Sometimes just making that booking and committing to attend is the hardest step. The anxiety of the unknown makes this even more exhilarating.

So what do you need to know about your first pole dance class? You’ve watched the crazy clips on Instagram and YouTube and suddenly you’re having visions of being made to hang upside down by your pinky toe in your first class!!!! But rest easy, every expert was once a beginner and we won’t be making you do anything crazy first up! Continue reading Help! I’m a Beginner…

03 May

10 Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is very important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. Incorporating stretching into your daily workouts is a given but including it in your day routine is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise. It relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of stretching:
Continue reading 10 Benefits of Stretching

02 May

Fitness Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has many benefits, from expanding our social circles to improving our confidence, but one of the central benefits of pole is the fitness benefits.

Through pole dancing you can firm and tone during a whole body workout. Gain strength – holding yourself up on a pole, let alone doing tricks is no cakewalk. Seasoned athletes who work out with weight machines and free weights struggle to match the strength our ladies have simply from doing pole.

Pole improves balance and coordination skills. Holding yourself up on the pole, inverted tricks and doing everything on 6” plus platform heels mean that your balance and ability to coordinate your movements improves as well as if you were attending yoga.

The best part of pole classes is that it is a fun way to get fit, classes are enjoyable so they feel less like a workout and more like a fun social group where getting fit is a bonus. Calories are burnt and weight loss is a great side effect of classes but without the terrifying weigh-ins and expectations that other fitness classes may expect when you join up.

But pole doesn’t just work out your body, through the entire class your brain is also engaged, thinking of music, movements, balance and muscle coordination. All of this requires a level of engagement that many of us lack in other repetitive classes where we end up zoning out and going through the motions. The active cognitive engagement coupled with the physical demands of pole mean that even more calories are burnt than if you went to a Body Pump class.

There are a range of classes to match all fitness goals at Pole Princess studios including fitness, flexibility, dance and pole based classes so whatever your fitness goals we should have something to suit your needs.

07 Oct

Schedule your classes anywhere


Looking for an easy way to book your classes? We’ve got you covered! Head on over to your app store now and search Pole Princess to download the app for FREE!
Our Pole Princess app is so amazing as it allows you to see class schedules from one place!
If you’re a current student already, follow these simple steps to get your app upand running & linked to your services now:
1.After downloading the app, open it and select your location from the top
2.You will now see all the current courses & by scrolling down you will also see the upcoming new courses
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