07 Oct

Schedule your classes anywhere


Looking for an easy way to book your classes? We’ve got you covered! Head on over to your app store now and search Pole Princess to download the app for FREE!
Our Pole Princess app is so amazing as it allows you to see class schedules from one place!
If you’re a current student already, follow these simple steps to get your app upand running & linked to your services now:
1.After downloading the app, open it and select your location from the top
2.You will now see all the current courses & by scrolling down you will also see the upcoming new courses
3.To view casual classes, click on the menu on the left & select casual classes. You can also view workshops, buy services and see our contact information from the menu
4.To book a course/class, click on the class then click on book class
5.You will be prompted to login so the app can recognize your services and apply them to your booking.
Simple as that!
If your app isn’t recognizing your services, this can happen for a number of reasons. To rectify this:
1.Make sure you’re viewing the right location.
2.Make sure you’re logged in to the right location. Locations are not synced so if you visit multiple studios, you will need to create an account for all of them. To do this, log out, select your location, then (if first time) create an account by typing in your name and email. The app will recognize you if you have made purchases at this location before so when it asks if this is you, select yes and create a password. If it’s not your first time, log back in after selecting the location
3.If all of this still doesn’t work, you may have multiple accounts at the same location. This is easily fixed so just let us know and we will fix it for you!