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1 Adventure

If you’re searching for something to keep you motivated and challenged then pole dancing is it. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who hates working out, you have what it takes to get started.


2 Celebrate

Our studios are full of encouragement and acceptance. When you walk into our classes, you will leave with new life long friendships that you will treasure. Our staff are professional, encouraging and dedicated to you and your goals.


3 Empower

Confidence is key when working out and that’s exactly what pole dancing gives you. You will learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, shed insecurities & learn to appreciate your body for the way it functions as opposed to what it looks like.


    Are you ready to ramp up your routine with a whole new fitness adventure? Pole dancing takes the boredom out of burning calories & delivers you with a workout that will keep you motivated through achievement in each and every class.

    The 8-week Level One Course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pole dance.

    Perfect for all newbies, regardless of current level of fitness, this course will see you spinning in all directions in no time!

    Beginner = Level One & Two 8-week Courses.


    We can see your confidence growing and it’s time to take it to the next level!

    Think you’re a smarty pants coz you can hang upside down? Well girlfriend, now we’re going to take the hands off! Squeeze those thighs because here comes some tricks that need serious thigh strength!

    Get ready to be introduced to things you never thought your body could do.

    Intermediate = Level Three, Four & Five 8-week Courses.


    Think this is where it ends? We’re just getting started honey! You can never learn it all in Level Seven because this course changes completely every two terms, giving you enough time to nail super advanced tricks but still always stay ahead of the latest pole trend.

    This level will make up a huge library of tricks for you that in no time you’ll start to complete on some of the best stages in the country.

    And because you’re part of Pole Princess, we’ll totally be there to cheer you on as your girl squad.

    Advanced = Level Six & Seven 8-week Courses.

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